Friday, April 5, 2019

Discover Spirituality in the Post-Digital Era with Mel Alexenberg’s 'Through a Bible Lens'

Press Release from the publisher Elm Hill/HarperCollins

Mel Alexenberg’s latest book helps readers rekindle their faith in the age of smartphones and social media

Mel Alexenberg redefines what it means to be Christians and Jews in the post-digital era in his new book, Through a Bible Lens: Biblical Insights for Smartphone Photography and Social Media. What was originally a blog-art project has becomes a worldwide inspiration for many believers to see biblical teachings in a modern light.

Over the centuries, the Holy Bible has been one of the best-selling books and the most widely distributed piece of literature of all time. According to the Guinness World Records, this book has sold over 5,000,000,000 units as of today.  However, with the prevalence of social media and smartphones, it can be difficult to reconcile its usage with spirituality.  This is the conundrum that Mel tackled in Through a Bible Lens.

As an artist, writer, and educator, he has delved into the interrelationships between religion and the modern world.  Apart from his literary works and lectures, he also uses his passion for post-digital art and his Jewish consciousness to provide a fresh perspective regarding biblical insights for people, both young and old, from all walks of life. His reflection and unique take on spirituality transcend the boundaries people have created to distinguish race, age, religious affiliation, and beliefs.

In Through a Bible Lens, the author illustrated his life in Ra’anana, Israel, with his wife Miriam Benjamin, and their children and grandchildren.  Using photographs of their daily routine and his deep understating of the Bible, he was able to transform the use of smartphones and social media into a way of observing and sharing biblical narratives as they unfold in everyday life.

“There is confluence emerging in the twenty-first century between biblical consciousness and post-digi8tal culture.  Both share a structure of consciousness and its cultural expression that honors creative process and a different spirit.” Said Mel.  He continued, “Make the dialog between the biblical narrative and your life story reach the ends of the Earth through the blogosphere and Twitterverse.”

Through a Bible Lens: Biblical Insights for Smartphone Photography and Social Media is available on Amazon and other Internet booksellers and bookstores

Book details: Title: Through a Bible Lens; Author: Mel Alexenberg; Genre: RELIGION/Biblical Commentary/Old Testament; ISBN: PB -9781595558312 / HB (CW) – 9781595557124; Pages: 244; Publisher: Elm Hill/HarperCollins

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THROUGH A BIBLE LENS explores the Bible, the best selling book in the world, from the viewpoint of life in today's digital era.

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