Sunday, September 8, 2019

Book Launch via Global Flight of Rembrandt Inspired Cyberangels

“A ladder was standing on the ground, and its top reached up toward heaven, and angels were going up and down on it.” (Genesis 28:12)                                                  
What better way to launch the book Through a Bible Lens by Mel Alexenberg than to have Rembrandt inspired cyberangels on the book cover fly up from the Land of Israel and come down throughout the world. 

The launching is a series of global digital art events during the “Year of Rembrandt” commemorating the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt leaving his artistic legacy for posterity.

The cyberangels begin their flight from the Israel Museum's Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, home of ancient Bible scrolls. They gain momentum by going up from the tallest building in Israel, the 91 story Azrieli Spiral Tower being constructed in Tel Aviv in the shape of a giant Bible scroll. The cyberangels then come down into museums around the globe.

Through a Bible Lens: Biblical Insights for Smartphone Photography and Social Media provides the conceptual background for the Global Tribute to Rembrandt by teaching how to transform today’s digital culture into imaginative ways for seeing spirituality in everyday life. 
It speaks to Jews and Christians who share an abiding love of the Bible by inspiring the creation of a lively dialogue between our emerging life stories and the enduring biblical narrative.

The book draws on Prof. Alexenberg’s research on creative thinking in the networked world at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies and on biblical thought in contemporary life at universities in Israel. See praise for the book from Christian and Jewish spiritual leaders and experts on art and digital culture at Israel365.

THROUGH A BIBLE LENS explores the Bible, the best selling book in the world, from the viewpoint of life in today's digital era.

Scroll down to see praise for Through a Bible Lens  from Jewish and Christian spiritual leaders and experts in digital culture. In his highl...