Friday, July 27, 2018

Praise from author of 'Sinai Speaks' and USA National Director of Bridges for Peace

"Through a Bible Lens offers a unique and personal challenge to the reader to integrate Bible Study, the creation that surrounds us, and our personal experience into a “living journal.”  Dr. Alexenberg’s approach offers a fun, yes fun, path to integrate pondering the deepest questions of Scripture with modern living and a literally visual journey through life.  Written from a Jewish Torah loving perspective, this book will be a joy to any lover of the Bible, Christian or Jewish.  I not only endorse it, I look forward to integrating these ideas into my personal encounter with Scripture." - Dr. Jim Solberg

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Making of The Israel Bible

Read Tuly Weisz's Jerusalem Post article ‘The Making of a Bible’ and his praise for my newest book Through a Bible Lens

“Like anything in God's world, smartphones and social media have the capacity for both blasphemy and blessing. Mel Alexenberg's important book Through a Bible Lens provides our generation the perfect model for the best usage of smartphones and social media to encourage greater appreciation for the Bible and the Land of Israel. Anyone who appreciates either will gain an important perspective from Alexenberg's lens.” – Rabbi Tuly Weisz, editor of The Israel Bible; director of Israel365, and publisher of Breaking Israel News: Latest News from a Biblical Perspective

My daughter Iyrit and her husband, Dr. Yehiel Lasry, the mayor of Ashdod, stood on the tarmac at Ben-Gurion Airport welcoming the arrival of the first of 16 El Al Dreamliners from the Boeing factory in Washington State.  Painted on the plane was Ashdod in honor of the city’s founding 60 years ago.  Watching the plane touch down brought tears to Iyrit’s eyes as she witnessed the miracle of the Jewish people returning home on wings of eagles (Exodus 19:4).  

My son-in-law told me that the citizens of his city Ashdod were born in 99 countries.  Iyrit was born in United States and Yehiel was born in Morocco and came on aliyah to Ashdod, a small town on the sea, with his family when he was six years old.  He became a physician, surgeon general of Israel’s navy, a member of Knesset, and as Ashdod's mayor transformed it into Israel's major port and fifth largest city.

"Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their roosts … to bring your sons from afar?" (Isaiah 60:8-9).

THROUGH A BIBLE LENS explores the Bible, the best selling book in the world, from the viewpoint of life in today's digital era.

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